Welcome to Willing Heart Farms, a 60 acre horse retirement farm located in the heart of  Middle Tennessee. Our farm's beautiful green pastures, bountiful shade trees and rolling hills offer a quiet and peaceful setting for your retired horse.  We offer hands on personalized care designed especially for your horse's needs and comfort. We give them the care and attention that they have earned and so greatly deserve. 

Willing Heart Farms

​Individual and personalized care is what we offer and work everyday to make sure your beloved horse is happy, healthy and enjoying every day of their retirement.  

We believe that even though the flesh may be weak, the heart is still willing... 

Each horse has their own private stall in our barn and as much pasture time as desired. We do our best to accommodate each horse's individual needs and every retiree will receive daily feeding, observation and attention. We keep our horse family limited to 20 so each horse has plenty of space and we have the time to give each one the proper care and attention. Keeping them happy and healthy is our main concern.

By keeping our herd small, we are able to ensure a peaceful retirement for your horse.  We place our horses in small groups based on their temperaments, compatibility and level of activity. And for those that prefer the quietest of retirements, we have a few nanny goats that are willing to provide companionship as well. Everyone has a friend to spend their days with...and once bonded, we do our best not to separate them.